viernes, 3 de febrero de 2017

Nerve Quakes - A new state (2016)

Descripción del sello Imminent Destruction (checkear que hay otros buenos discos): "DEBUT LP FEATURING 10 TRACKS OF SUPERBLY CRAFTED POST-PUNK FROM PERTH, AUSTRALIA.
This is a stunning and addictive LP, the standout vocals and expertly crafted musicianship create a near perfect album that just sounds better with every listen.
Elements of THE CURE, JOY DIVISION, XMAL DEUTSCHLAND, BELGRADO, all linger throughout this album but there's an overwhelming sense that this is fresh, new and unique."

1. Honey Hive (02:47)
2. Blood Money (02:48)
3. The Uninvited (03:45)
4. Basque (04:10)
5. 1000 Years (04:01)
6. Shirley (03:29)
7. No Shelter (03:39)
8. Monarch (03:05)
9. Threads (03:28)
10. Celestial (03:21)


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