domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

Cold Waste - Primitive (2014)

Dúo de Florida (EE.UU.) del que no tengo demasiada información. Hay un video de la última canción de este disco.

"A product of shared love for noisy 80's and 90's Pacific NW "punk rock" and British proto-goth. Originally aspired to be a convergence of inspirations by Big Black (perhaps the primary catalyst in the decision to use programmed drums) and Joy Division, resulted in something for a different array of listeners: fans of early The Cure, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Echo & the Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins." (deadtankrecords)

1. A Chu (3:53)
2. I Swear They're Invisible (3:20)
3. Flashes Of Clarity (3:18)
4. Isla (2:46)
5. In Unison (2:36)
6. Divine Truth Cult (3:52)
7. Remedial (2:53)
8. Unconfirmed (4:02)
9. Ichisan (3:26)


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