martes, 23 de enero de 2018

Sial - s/t (2017)

"Hailing from South East Asia, Singapore, SIAL's blistering abrasive, loud and primitive sounding hardcore encompasses exactly what it is to be Sial! (DAMNED in English) A swear word in Bahasa Melayu (Malay), SIAL sings in the language of Singapore's indigenous minority, and challenge a culture and language generally said to be gentle and polite. Commonly described as an idle and passive people until the colonisation of Singapore by the British, SIAL takes back a power stripped away by centuries of imperialism and lies." (La vida es un mus)

1. Bila-Bila 01:02
2. Suara 01:02   
3. Masa Depan 02:20
4. Sumpah Serapah 02:23
5. Leta 01:53
6. Otak Memberontak 01:52
7. Jijik 03:12


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