sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

Fehm - Circadian life (2016)

Hailing from Leeds, FEHM are a three piece making pissed off post punk influenced by the likes of The Sound, The Birthday Party, Flux of Pink Indians and Honey Bane. (...) According to the band “the EP as a whole tells a story from start to finish, it’s about seeing the changes that occur in people around you and how we separate over time. More importantly, the EP reflects the monotony of everyday life and peoples’ struggle to achieve what they really want.” (Art is hard records)

Como mi cultura musical es un poco limitada, acá dejo un buen video y diré que es postpunk pero no tan clásico y que me recuerda a bandas como Eagulls.

1. I Scared, I Stiff (4:27)
2. Circadian Life (4:00)
3. Nullify (3:47)
4. Derailed (4:08)
5. Fall Into Abjection (4:12)

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