sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

An Autumn for Crippled Children - Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love (2013)

Luego de sorprenderme con su ep anterior me sorprendo (tarde) con un nuevo disco ya de nueve canciones. En Elementary Revolt hay más discos y una mejor reseña que aquí, aunque en inglés (y de otro blog) que entre otras cosas dice: "Black metal, post-rock, and new wave have been intimate with each other for some time. There’s something about fuzzy guitars, dreamy atmospheric melodies, and a certain frostbitten tenacity that just works well together, and with every year, the genres get even more incestuous and daring in their experimentation. Just take a look around; post-black progenitors Alcest are metamorphosing into dream pop, Deafheaven are getting more romantic in their longing soundscapes, and Altar of Plagues went out in a swan-song of vicious tremolo-picked melodies and industrial grooves."

1. Autumn again (5:02)
2. The Woods are on Fire (4:16)
3. Never Complete (4:04)
4. Try not to Destroy everything You Love (5:28)
5. Hearts of Light (5:51)
6. Sepia Mountains for Her Lament (3:40)
7. Closer (5:14)
8. Avoiding Winter (5:01)
9. Starlit Spirits (5:45)


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